Review Continental Public Bank News Release on a National Banking association question!

Review the Bank Charter

Review the Bank License

Review the Legal Tender Act of 2016
(Note especially its "disaster relief program" in items 2 & 5!)

Review the Continental Dollar (UCD) Paper Currency

Order the Continental Dollar Paper Currency

Review the Anti-Terrorism Policy

Review the Superintendent of Finance Manual

Review the Standard Operating Procedures Manual


Review The Articles of Confederation of 1781, as amended in Convention on August 5th, 2015

***  N E W  ***

Now account holders can earn 1 CD-LB daily for logging into their account.

Click below link to get started:
Open a free account

Then submit the Labor Vouchers to accumulate and spend Continental Dollars Labor-Backed (CD-LB) for goods and services and Share Certificates.

UCD (C) Token is now available!


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