Review Continental Public Bank News Release on a National Banking association question!

Review the Legal Tender Act of 2016 (FOLDER)
(Note especially its "disaster relief program" in items 2 & 5!)

Review National Currency Act of 2017

***  NEW  STIMULUS  ***

Now account holders can receive an equivalent of
$45 daily for logging into their account.

For a couple, that's

NOTE: This 32,000 is equivalent to 45,714/year if you're in a 30% tax bracket since this 32,000 is a tax-free currency! It is also interest-free, which means you have full allodial title to whatever it buys since it is an asset-based, not debt-based, currency.  Clearly, it is time to create an alternative economy based on this asset currency!  All you need is people to sign the voucher for the labor you perform for them! 


Click below link to get started:
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Crypto UCD (C) Token is now available too!

Voucher Help Program
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