Review Continental Public Bank News Release on a National Banking association question!

Review the Bank Charter

Review the Bank License

Review the Legal Tender Act of 2016
(Note especially its "disaster relief program" in items 2 & 5!)

Review the Continental Dollar (UCD) Paper Currency

Order the Continental Dollar Paper Currency

Review the Anti-Terrorism Policy

Review the Superintendent of Finance Manual

Review the Standard Operating Procedures Manual


Review The Articles of Confederation of 1781, as amended in Convention on August 5th, 2015

Click below link to get started:
Open a free account &
 make about $45/day
(3 x 1 oz silver)
Kitco Silver

If married, that's approximately $120/day via 2 accounts!
$120/day x 30 days = 3600/month = $43200/year

After accumulating 3 Continental Dollars (CD) per day, these can be exchanged for Continental Dollars Labor-Backed (CD-LB) at a rate of 1 CD to 15 CD-LB which can then be used to buy the Share Certificates which then later could be sold for USD, if desired.


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