My Plasma Energy Station
(magnet brick is my own addition)

Never Ending Plasma Energy Station

Why is this "Never Ending"?

Below quoted excerpt from their home page (GANS = Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) explains:
"It is important to understand that the Never Ending trademark is reference to the fact that the Plasma Energy emanating from these vials does not deplete over time. TheGANS are magnetic fields given off by specific elements, herbs, chemicals, foods and other natural elements that have been condensed down to their fundamental molecular state. The plasma water contains the magnetic fields given off by the GANS."

Click above link or HERE and be sure to view the testimonials and the blog pages. 

NOTE: The small vials are purchased once, and they "charge" the filtered/distilled water in the station (any clear class or plastic container). When the station is half-empty, just add more water.  Drink a couple of swallows 2 to 3 times a day of this water as you see fit.  I also "magnetize" my water using a "magnetic water brick" that I obtained from Lyon Legacy long ago.

I personally feel that it this has helped me with a recent UTI infection that seemed to recur a few weeks after taking antibiotics for it.  After just drinking this water for a few weeks (8 ounces 3 times a day), my symptoms stopped, and so I asked for a lab report to be sure it was clear, and the lab results were normal.  Also, this water tastes great... it seems smoother and thicker... more "alive".  And I have more energy now.



Attach the vials to the station of your choice with glue (hot glue gun, gorilla glue, whatever). If it will be in a 'busy' area put a row of clear packing tape over all the vials to prevent their being jarred lose. [PERSONAL NOTE:  I just used clear tape to attach all 16 vials to my large glass jar.] People are using a variety of containers from clear glass ice tea containers that hold several gallons of water, to the see through water jugs that hold up to 5 gallons of water. Some prefer the tubs with lids as you see in the photo. It's your station and your choice! Be sure not to use metal, ceramic or opaque glass or plastic containers. The numbers on the vials are only there for Paul's use when filling the vials and do not have to be placed in any certain order on your station.

Fill your plasma energy station with filtered water (or distilled if you don't have filtered). Be sure to put your intention on how you want your station to enhance the health and well being of you, your family, your pets and your plants. Let the water change overnight with the addition of the energy fields from the vials. Then it's ready to use. When the water goes to halfway, add more filtered or distilled water.

 For additional relief make patches using the water to place in areas of your body where you would like to help the body change the condition by using the energy fields. You can put some of the water from your jar into a sprayer and spray hats or scarves that you wear. Make a breathing device with the water from the vial and also make a spray bottle from the water to spray any areas of the body for which you want the energy fields to create the condition of bringing about change. You can add an extra rinse when you wash pillowcases and add one cup of this water to the rinse and let it sit for a couple of hours.

The following list is the plasma energy that is in each of the vials attached to your plasma energy station:
1. COz and vitamins
2. COZ, CuO2, Zn, CH3, CONH
3. Iodine with cobalt
4. Calcium
5. CuO2 (copper oxide)
6. Food with Amino Acids of CO2, Cu, ZnO, CH3
7. herbs, essential oils, vitamins
8. Au (gold)
9. ZnO2
10. COz with CH3
11. Ag (silver)
12. B9 (Korean Bamboo Salt)
13. Food with Amino Acid of CO2, Cu,ZnO,CH3
14. Thundergod Vine, Minerals (80+ minerals), hydration formula with Vit C, potassium,silica, oleic acid, crystalline energy, shiaga mushroom,hemp oil and various herbs
15. COZ and Vitamins A, B's, C, D, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, lodine, Magnesium , Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Sodium, Potassium, Cayenne, Garlic, Rosehips, Papain, Bromelain, Chinese Rhubarb, Licorice Root, Kelp, L'Methionine
16. Himalayan Salt

EXTRA VIAL - Ancient Sacred Plant Inflammation Relief Vial:  
This vial contains the plasma energy water from the Gans of Ancient Sacred Plant, Amino Acids, and hemoglobin. Drink up to l/2 cup of this water every day to enhance well being. The vial can be placed in or taped onto a large container like a quart jar to which you add distilled or filtered water.


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